8 Common Style Mistakes That Men Should Avoid

Gentlemen I’d like to make you aware of a few style mistakes that I hope you’re not making!


Fashion mistake #1

Cheap Shoes: This is the worst! Men if you want to ruin your style, wear cheap shoes! Your shoes speak volumes gentlemen! Your shoes can either attract or repel opportunity. If your looking to attract that beautiful women it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your hair cut and your footwear on-point!

Fashion mistake #2

Wrong fit: Hey…I know that its fashionable to have your gear tailored to the T! But TOO TIGHT is not fashionable at all. Tailored clothing has always been omni- important but some of us are being misguided into thinking that our gear should fit sooo tight that you dare to fart! Wear your size gentlemen! Trying to squeeze into a size 40 when you truly wear a 44 is dumb. Theres a difference between having No-Break in your slacks and  slacks being too damn short!

Fashion mistake#3

Boring colors: Men! We can easily upgrade our style-sense by adding some color to our closet. I’m not necessarily talking about pastels. A well tailored gray suit allows for more than a basic white shirt and dark tie. The white dress shirt allow you to go much further than a black tie.  Ties allow us to add that pop of color. Shoes can add that pop of color as well. We don’t live in a black shoe/brown shoes world gentlemen. Today we have many shades to choose from. Try adding that oxblood (burgundy) loafer that you’ve been eyeing; or maybe that green slip-on mannn!


Fashion mistake #4

Dress slacks with sneakers: Pick up any mens fashion magazine and you’ll be sure to see a dude rocking a killer suit with some all-whites. Thats hot!!

I like it!

The fashion mistake is when you think you can rock any sneaker with any suit. NOT! Tailored suits with tapered slacks are the only suits to rock with all-white sneakers or black/brown sneakers with white bottoms.

Fashion mistake #5

No belt with slacks: My man…if you have belt loops you should wear a belt. Period!

Fashion mistake #6

Leaving tags on your gear: the tag on the sleeve that reads 100% wool was put there for you to know what you were buying when you bought it my man. Please cut the tag off before you wear that overcoat again. Thanks.

Fashion mistake #7

Too much cologne: Fellas…who said that the more cologne that you  spray on the sexier you’ll be? NO!

Cologne application for Todays Mann : make sure your skin is dry before spraying, light sprays only…on neck area or chest. DO NOT SPRAY COLOGNE ON YOUR CLOTHES MANNNN!




Fashion mistake #8

Not cutting the stitching (tack stitch) on the jacket vents:  Guys this stitching was for shipping purposes. It keeps the garment from moving around while in transit from the manufacturer to the stores and helps to prevent wrinkling. If you don’t cut this stitching you’ll look silly. There’s nothing worst than looking silly when you think you’re looking smooth.

Thanks you so much for reading…

This is K. L. Horne…

Stay Amazing!

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